Jerome Corsi is ready to make a deal with justice in the matter of Russian investigation

The business partner of the ex-adviser Trump discusses the transaction with the special prosecutor on the case of “the Russian intervention” in elections

The former chief of the Washington bureau of online edition InfoWars Jerome Korsi, conducts negotiations on the deal with justice in the person of the special prosecutor of the USA Robert Müller making investigation concerning alleged intervention of the Russian Federation in the American elections. Korsi is a business partner and Roger Stone’s friend – the former adviser of Donald Trump during a pre-election race of 2016, TASS reports.

Korsi last week said in an interview to NBC TV company that he is afraid to get on an old age of years to prison. “They told me that they will bring me to court”, – Korsi reported. “It is one of the most frightening and throwing into confusion things which I endured in life. I am 72 years old, I am afraid that me will put behind bars and will conclude in the solitary confinement”, – he admitted.

According to TV channel, employees of the device of Müller received in the order correspondence from which follows that Korsi could know that letters of John Podesta heading Hillary Clinton’s headquarters were stolen by hackers and the WikiLeaks organizations for the subsequent publication, still are transferred before information on it was published.

Müller investigates as it could occur, without excluding that Korsi could report personally these data to Stone.

The ex-U.S. Secretary of State Clinton was a candidate of Democratic party at presidential elections of 2016, it lost them to the republican Trump. Stone held a post of the adviser of Trump during a pre-election race. The USA claimed earlier that to breaking of e-mails of Podesta and also the computer systems of National committee of Democratic party the hackers who are allegedly connected with the authorities of the Russian Federation are involved.

Intelligence agencies of the USA incriminate to Russia intervention in the American electoral process in 2016. More than a year the special prosecutor Müller is engaged in investigation of these attempts of influence which were allegedly taking place.

Trump and his assistants repeatedly rejected suspicions of any illegal contacts with officials of the Russian Federation during an election campaign.

Moscow also many times rejected statements about attempts to affect the course of elections in the USA.

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