Johnson & Johnson will take skin lightening products off sale

American company Johnson & Johnson announced a suspension of sales of funds for the clarification of dark spots on the skin, reports the New York Times.

The manufacturer explained the decision by the fact that, as discussions over the past few weeks have shown, the names and descriptions of some products Neutrogena and Clean & Clear represent a lighter tone of the skin as more advantageous than natural. It also turned out that some customers used products to make the skin as a whole lighter.

It has been reported that Clean & Clear products for skin lightening were not available in the U.S., but they were available in stores in India and the Middle East.

Against the backdrop of the anti-racism movement that had engulfed many countries around the world, companies began to change their policies. In particular, it became known earlier that the Mars Corporation, which owns the Uncle Ben’s brand, decided to remove the portrait of an African American from the logo. PepsiCo also plans to change the logo of Aunt Jemima’s brand with the image of an African-American woman.

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