Large footprints of three tons iguanodon dinosaur were found in Russia

Scientists of the North Caucasian Federal University found in Stavropol Territory printed three footprints of herbivorous dinosaur – iguanodon, which could weigh up to three tons.

Paleontological artifact keeps a stove in Kislovodsk. As noted, to date, this is the only natural object in Russia with preserved footprints of ancient reptiles. “Science already knows that these are the hind legs of iguanodon, a vegetative-eating dinosaur. The lizard walked on the Stavropol land 120-130 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. A distinctive feature of this reptile is its three-legged hind legs. They have been imprinted on the plate,” the report says.

The plate itself, on which traces of a dinosaur were imprinted, is a splintered fragment of the rock wall, deepened into the ground for 5.5 meters. This dinosaur footprint is located in the roof of the rock section itself and exposed near Lermontovskaya Rock.

“As the researchers found out, at one time the dinosaur walked through a fairly rare rock, almost entirely composed of oolite limestone. Most likely, in the Early Cretaceous age, the layer was formed in a shallow sea bay or lagoon,” explained the administration.

It is noted that citizens and tourists have limited access to the slab, as it is located on the territory of the regime enterprise, so researchers are in favor of moving the slab to the adjacent territory of the Kislovodský National Park, where its accessibility will be ensured, as well as proper care and preservation.

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