Lego refused to advertise constructors with the police in the face of riots in the United States

Lego will not advertise and promote toy kits with policemen on social networks against the backdrop of mass protests in the U.S., which erupted after the death of African-American George Floyd by law enforcement officials, the industry publication Toybook writes with reference to the press service of the toy manufacturer and a letter to marketers.

Toybook looked at an email sent by online marketing company Rakuten Linkshare to Lego specialists promoting Lego products. In this message, Rakuten Linkshare, speaking on behalf of the Lego Group, asked to stop promoting more than 30 toy sets on the Web, which include figures of police officers, firemen, criminals, sniffer dogs, emergency vehicles (in particular, police cars), copies of police and fire stations and other similar toys.

At the same time, as noted by Toybook, these toy sets are still sold on the Lego website, in the company’s stores and are available in its warehouses. A spokesman for the Lego Group has confirmed this information to the publication. The company’s press office said it had asked its partners to temporarily suspend Lego advertising content on social networks “in response to the tragic events in the United States.

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