Madonna complains about censorship. Her concert in London was interrupted at exactly eleven o’clock

During Madonna’s concert at “The London Palladium”, the sound, lights, and curtain were turned off as soon as her show “Madame X” arrived at 23.00 local time.

Madonna complains about censorship at The London Palladium
Madonna posted a video on her Instagram showing the curtain falling during the concert. The singer responds with an angry obscene tirade, and then performs the last song “I Rise” with the lights on — and the microphone off.

The local council of the Westminster district, where “The London Palladium” is located, had previously warned her that the show should end before eleven o’clock.

“Five minutes after the time they set, we had one more song left — and the palladium decided to censor us. They lowered the nine-ton iron fire curtain. Fortunately, he was stopped halfway and no one was injured. Many thanks to the entire audience, who did not move and did not leave us. Power to the people!!”Madonna wrote.

The concert hall did not directly respond to Madonna’s claims that her concert was being interrupted, but rejected Her version of events.

“Contrary to some reports, during yesterday’s concert, “The London Palladium” staff did not lower the iron fire curtain — and did not try to do so,” said a representative of the hall.

From the video recording of Madonna’s performance, we can conclude that the curtain was actually lowered from the fabric, and not an iron fire-proof one.

In these two weeks, Madonna is giving 12 concerts on the Madame X tour in London in support of her self-titled 14th album.

Concerts on her American tour started much later than those in London, and fans often waited several hours for the show to begin.

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