Malkin helps Pittsburgh beat New Jersey

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the New Jersey Devils in the National Hockey League regular season.
The game in Pittsburgh ended with a score of 4:1

Malkin helps Pittsburgh beat New Jersey
Striker Evgeni Malkin scored an assist. In the current championship he has four pucks and 10 assists.
Pittsburgh is fifth in the Eastern Conference with 28 points. The Penguins will play at home against the Calgary Flames on November 26.

In the previous game against the New York Islanders, Malkin threw the puck and made one assist. However, Pittsburgh lost 3-4.

In late October, it became known that Malkin had an American passport, after which he was criticized. This information was revealed due to problems with the athlete’s business.

Malkin’s wife Anna Kasterova said that the presence of an American passport does not prevent Evgeny from coming to Russia and playing for the national team. She added that he is always in the national team, if health permits.

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