Manafort was accused of lies and violation of the transaction with the investigation

Suspects the former chief of the campaign headquarters Donald Trump of Paul Manafort accused of conspiracy against the USA of perjury. It was said by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller investigating Trump’s communications with Russia. According to Mueller who is quoted by The New York Times, it violates terms of transaction with the investigation and is the basis for more rigid sentence on its business.
Mueller’s team filed a lawsuit the document in which it is said that Manafort repeatedly lied to investigators though he earlier in September admitted guilt and concluded the bargain according to which, which undertook to conduct “full and truthful” cooperation with the authorities. If the defendant does not fulfill all undertaken obligations or will be engaged any sort in criminal activity until announcement of a sentence, the transaction is considered invalid.
“After signing of the cooperation agreement Manafort committed several crimes: he lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the team of the special prosecutor on a number of questions that is violation of terms of agreement”, – it is said in the document of team of the special prosecutor . There are no other details in it, Mueller promised to tell the details later.
In the document it is also said that Manafort does not consider himself violated terms of agreement and insists that provided to the investigation accurate information. “Considering disagreements between the parties, [charge] does not see the reason to postpone announcement of a sentence on this case”, – Mueller concludes.
According to NYT, having gone to the transaction with Mueller, Manafort hoped that the prosecutor’s office will ask court about lenient punishment. However now charge considers that Manafort does not deserve indulgence, and some charges dismissed from it within the transaction can be put forward anew. What information Manafort could offer the special prosecutor, still it is not clear as Manafort repeatedly said that he has no data against Trump.

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