Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser joined a protest rally to support ‘Black Lives Matter’

Mayor of Washington Muriel Bowser on Saturday afternoon joined the protesters in the capital of the United States.

“We all have to watch what’s happening in Washington because we don’t want the federal government doing anything to other Americans,” Bowser said, hinting at the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. The mayor of the U.S. capital took part in a walking tour of the city center with the protesters. The crowd applauded as Bowser walked down 16th Street, which she had renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza” the previous day.

There are more than a dozen separate demonstrations in Washington on Saturday, with at least a hundred thousand people participating. Additional National Guard forces are deployed near the White House, reports CBS News. The White House has taken additional security measures. Meanwhile, President Trump has no public events scheduled in his daily schedule, said The Associated Press.

Most commentators believe that Saturday’s actions will be the largest in the American capital after the murder of Floyd in Minneapolis.

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