Melania Trump gave advice to the victims of harassments

The first lady of the USA Melanya Trump said that she supports the women who endured sexual violence.However they have to provide “really convincing proofs” that their charges were not unfounded.

“I support the women (who endured sexual violence), they have to be heard” — Melanya Trump in response to a question told whether she supports the movement #MeToo, gives ABC TV channel.
However she added that the victims of similar incidents have to provide “really convincing proofs” as recently “media go too far”.

Earlier  President Donald Trump said that the situation in the USA became “terrible” for men against the background of the movement #MeToo which participants oppose sexual harassments.
The Russian feminist Anna Fedorova criticized the words of the American leader, having called them distortion of the facts.
In turn the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova called the campaign #MeToo “an utter shame”.
Scandal over charges of harassments and rapes ran high in the USA in 2017 after a situation with the Hollywood producer of Harvey Vaynshten — he is suspected of sexual harassments concerning several famous women.
At the same time Weinstein does not admit the guilt.

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