Mike Tyson admitted he’s ready to die

Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson spoke about his attitude towards life and death. He was interviewed by The Sportsman.

Mike Tyson admitted he's ready to die
“Am I ready to die? Yes. I have no fear. Living is much harder than dying. That’s the way it seems to me. To live, you need courage. Without it, you can’t do it. Life is a struggle, a hard way. Even those who seem to have everything – even they can have a hard time,” Tyson said.

On March 17, Tyson spoke about a childhood injury. At the age of ten, he experienced the death of his beloved pet – Julius Pigeon. Upset Tyson knocked out a garbage man who threw away a box of dead animals.

The boxer ended his career in 2005. From 1987 to 1990, he was an absolute world heavyweight champion. Tyson had 58 fights and won 50 victories (44 of them by knockout). Taison is also the youngest holder of the heavyweight title in history. At that time he was 20 years old, 4 months and 22 days.

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