Most Democrats Want Trump’s Impeachment

A majority of Democratic members of the U.S. Congress support the start of the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. The number of lawmakers endorsing the idea reached 118 on Friday, August 2, after California Rep. Salud Karbajal joined the impeachment supporters.
California Rep. Salud Karbajal
The legislator Karbajal called the president’s behavior “criminal” and called for the impeachment proceedings to begin. In order to move the process, the House of Representatives needs the consent of 218 congressmen – a simple majority of the lower house of Congress. Democrats now hold 235 seats. So far, however, Democratic leaders in Congress have been skeptical of the idea.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi considers such a move politically risky and urges party members to await the outcome of the president’s investigations, which continue to lead several congressional committees. Pelosi believes there needs to be strong evidence of Donald Trump’s illegal behavior in order to sway public opinion in favor of impeachment. So far, most Americans have been negative about the idea.

Opponents of impeachment are calling for a focus on the presidential campaign to ensure Donald Trump leaves the White House as a result of the election process.

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