NASA recruits a crew to simulate a long flight to Mars

NASA website has an announcement about the recruitment of a crew of six people for a long imitation space flight to the Moon and Mars. The eight-month experiment will be conducted in the Moscow complex of the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems (IMBP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has repeatedly become a platform for such experiments.

The IMBP center is a well-equipped site for its purposes, which, in addition, will cost cheaper than rented space in the U.S., including the payment of specialists. This, by the way, is a small problem. It is mandatory for the participants of the experiment, in addition to knowledge of oral and written English, to have the skills of oral and written Russian.

Another restriction – candidates for the crew must be U.S. citizens. Age limit: not younger than 30 and not older than 55 years. Since the crew will have to perform technical works and scientific experiments during the simulated flight, applicants for this job must either be officers or have a master’s degree, medical degree, or Ph. But there may be exceptions, for example, to admit candidates who have a bachelor’s degree combined with “other specific requirements”, which may include such things as military service or other forms of education.

NASA’s announcement states: “Research will be conducted to examine the effects of isolation. The results of such ground-based missions help NASA prepare for the real challenges of space exploration and provide important scientific data to address some of these challenges and develop countermeasures.

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