Nineteen police officers were injured in the Stuttgart riots

During the night riots in Stuttgart, which involved several hundred people, 19 police officers were injured, the agency Associated Press reported on Sunday.

The clashes began when police officers on Saturday night stopped a 17-year-old young man who was supposed to have drugs. Deutsche Welle specifies that the check-up took place at Castle Square in the city.

Witnesses to this scene began throwing rocks and bottles at the police. Some groups carried out riots in neighboring streets: 40 shops were damaged, nine of them were looted.

Twenty-four rioters were detained, half of whom were German nationals. The police said that there was no political background to the incident and the suspect, a teenager who was stopped on the street, had German citizenship.

Stuttgart Mayor Fritz Kuhn said that there were many people on the street because the clubs remained closed against the backdrop of the coronavirus, so the party in the city park gathered a large number of participants.

European cities were followed by a wave of protests against racism and police brutality. The Black Lives Matter movement emerged after African-American detainee George Floyd died in Minneapolis due to police action.

The protests were accompanied by pogroms and shoplifting, as well as the desecration of monuments to people associated with the slave trade or found to be racist.

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