Nisarga cyclone hits Yemen and is heading towards India

Heavy rains are continuing for the third day in Yemen. Thirteen Yemenis, including five children, were killed, several others were injured and dozens of homes were destroyed by the heavy rains, AFP reported.

Cyclone Nisarga has hit the eastern parts of the country hardest: Hadjer, Mayfair, and part of Hadramawt. The Government reported that at least five people are still on the missing person list.

Yemen faces worse weather conditions than other countries on the Arabian Peninsula because of its geographical location. In the past five years, the country has experienced two four-point hurricanes, Mekun and Chapala.

Hurricane Nisarga, which formed in the Arabian Sea, approached the west coast of India on Wednesday. It is the first typhoon of its kind over India’s economic capital in more than 70 years. Authorities in India’s Mumbai have already begun evacuating the city. Cyclone Nisarga is expected to hit the coastal city from the south. More than 18 million people live in Mumbai, so the impact of the hurricane could be disastrous for India’s urban infrastructure and economy.

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