North Korea blows up the inter-Korean Liaison Office in Kaesong

The explosion took place on Tuesday near the North Korean Inter-Korean Liaison Office in Kaesong, BBC News reports.

Korea Herald and Yonhap News report that dense black smoke clouds are rising above the blast site. According to the South Korean Ministry of Unification Affairs, the blast destroyed the office building.

The South Korean NGO Choson Exchange, for its part, tweeted that “two days ago, an e-mail was received from North Korea saying that the inter-Korean Liaison Office in Kesong would inevitably be destroyed”.

However, according to Choson Exchange, the North Korean side pointed to “a lack of progress in (inter-Korean) relations.

The explosion took place a few hours after the DPRK military announced plans to return to the demilitarized zone.

The conflict between North and South Korea began after DPRK neighbors launched balloons across the border with flyers against the incumbent leader, Kim Jong-un. His sister recently stated that a tragic scenario awaits South Korea” and promised to engage the military.

Kim Yo-jong is the First Vice President of North Korea of the Workers’ Party of the North. At the party meeting, the leader’s sister stated: “soon the useless joint contact office will see a pathetic spectacle”.

South Korea’s military is on high alert after such an act by DPRK.

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