North Korea launched three missiles towards the Sea of Japan

North Korea launched three unidentified missiles toward the Sea of Japan on Monday, Voice of America reported, citing the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It is known that this is the second launch in two weeks, which may indicate joint exercises of missile forces in the DPRK.

The missiles were launched near the town of Sondok   in the East of the country. The maximum flight range was about 200 kilometers, and the altitude was no more than 50 kilometers. The launches may be a continuation of joint exercises and contradict the inter-Korean military deal, according to the Joint Committee.

It is also reported that on March 2, Pyongyang has already conducted the first launch of missiles in 2020 towards the sea of Japan from the region near the port of Wonsan. The flight range was about 240 kilometers and the altitude was about 35 kilometers. North Korea then claimed that the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, was directing long-range artillery exercises on the spot.

The country also launched two short-range missiles in November last year. This was later called a multiple rocket launcher test. Photos from the test site suggest that the caliber of the missiles is about 600 mm.

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