Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Fire

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on strong Fire .

Eyewitnesses shower social networks of a photo and video of the fire — the naked flame escaping from a basilica is visible. The cathedral was under construction from XII to the 14th centuries.

There are  restoration works now in cathedral.
Ignition happened on top levels of cathedral, in the building repair work was conducted. People were evacuated, Le Figaro reports.
The spire of cathedral collapsed. Later the roof of cathedral failed.
Many people gathered on the place, the territory is surrounded. Firefighters work, however it is difficult to them to fight fire. It is reported that there is not enough power of fire engines to extinguish the fire at such height.
The prosecutor’s office began check upon the fire. One and versions of ignition call repair work.
Information on victims did not arrive.

Last year the Catholic church in France handled an urgent appeal to allocate funds for rescue of cathedral which began to collapse. According to officials, large operation on fight against the fire is conducted now, the territory around the building in the center of Paris is cleaned, BBC reports.
In 2013 the building celebrated the 850 anniversary. Trial of Joan of Arc, Napoleon’s crowning, Massacre of St. Bartholomew, novel by Hugo. The cathedral saw all history of France, Mash reminds.
Notre-Dame – one of symbols of the French capital. The Gothic cathedral was built at the initiative of the Parisian bishop Maurice de Sulli during 1163 — 1345. The bema is consecrated in 1182. Finding of glory and rescue of cathedral from destruction were promoted in many respects by the historical novel of Victor Hugo of the same name published in 1831

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