Number of victims during the protest actions in Paris reached 30 people

The number of victims during the protest actions against increase in prices for automobile fuel in Paris reached 30 people, the representative of the prefecture of capital police reported.
According to its data, among victims there are six law enforcement officers, one of whom got a severe injury. Earlier it was reported about 24 victims.
According to the updated data, in Paris more than 100 people are detained on suspicion of participation in disorders which proceeded on the Champs Elysée until late at night on Saturday. According to the police prefecture, 8 thousand people from whom 5 thousand – on the Champs Elysée took part in the capital in demonstrations.
According to the correspondent of the agency, in Paris there occurred temporary lull, city services remove the remains of the barricades built the day before by protesters. Owners of the shops and numerous cafes located on the main avenue of the French capital count damage caused by hooligans.
As earlier the French Interior Minister Christoph Kastaner reported, more than 100 thousand people participated in the Saturday demonstrations which passed across all France. In total in the territory of the country more than 1.5 thousand protest actions were organized. Activists threatened to continue the actions and next week. Due to the events which are taking place in the country the president of France Emmanuel Macron on the page on Twitter condemned violent acts of protesters. Before the power of France declared that since January 1, 2019 petrol price will increase by 3 cents, and on diesel fuel – by 6.5 cents. One of components of growth is the ecological tax on emission of greenhouse gases imposed by the government. As the prime minister Edoir Philipp said, the government intends to keep this tax, despite any protests. Because of an action in Paris on Saturday nine metro stations were closed, Le Monde tells. The movement about 40 bus lines, on large highways of a stopper is broken. Protests also led to closing of the Eiffel Tower,
Let’s remind, protest actions against increase in prices for fuel take place across all France since November 17. The movement of “yellow vests” (participants of the actions wear reflecting vests, obligatory for the French drivers) arose in social networks and has no uniform organizational center. Protesters are dissatisfied with the increase in taxes on fuel approaching at the beginning of 2019, besides that for the last year the cost of the diesel fuel, most popular in the country, already grew by 23% – up to 1.51 euros for liter.
Demonstrations lead to clashes with the police, mass detentions and victims. According to RFI, during the first wave of protests two persons (earlier it was reported about one woman crushed by the car) died, 620 civilians and 136 servicemen suffered.

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