NYT: the authorities of California practically did not notify inhabitants on approach of the killing fire

The New York Times newspaper accused authorities of the state California of incompetence at the notification about the approaching wildfire which completely destroyed the Paradyess Air Force Base city. 86 people became disaster victims, according to the latest data, in general on the state.

Inhabitants of Para days who it is necessary to restore long now told the edition that they learned about the running high fire from the neighbors knocking at the doors or from the friends calling by telephone. Some learned about danger, having seen smoke and a flame in a window or having heard the noise of the neighbors who were quickly collecting belongings for evacuation.

The citizen Mathew Whyte told that he slept tight when the fire began to storm directly around his house, and by miracle heard a call of mobile. “Get up and clean up to hell! Paradyess Air Force Base on fire”, – the friend cried out in a tube it.

During the first hours, the fire stopped Paradyess Air Force Base in the ashes and became the most killing for all history of the state, only a small part of the population received official warnings or recommendations to be evacuated from local authorities. At the same time, the city was initially vulnerable for the fires – in it is a little expensive, and the majority of houses are built in a wood environment.

The edition notes that the office of the sheriff of the District of Butte at the notification used the system under the name “Red Code” warning about any natural cataclysms. However, it works only in case the person personally subscribed to it. Such citizens, according to NYT, appeared not so much.

At the same time, the district sheriff could use a more modern method of the notification of the population which allows reporting about potential threats at the same time to all owners of mobile phones. However the sheriff Kori Honey rejected this option, being afraid of panic among citizens and the emergence of serious traffic jams at departure from the city.

The parades Air Force Base is in in the foothills Sierra-Nevada and is connected to the outside world one main road called Skayvey, and several narrower. Even without mass warnings of the approaching fire, the panicking inhabitants for hours got stuck in traffic jams on Skayvy, trying to go to Chicco – the city located below in the valley. Some died, in the flame which captured their cars.

After the major fire of 2008 of the power of the District of Butte came to the conclusion that evacuation from Para days can be complicated, and had to find ways to facilitate to inhabitants escape from the city in case of danger. However, instead, the authorities narrowed Skayvey downtown to increase the safety of pedestrians, to reduce traffic and to promote trade development.

Wildfires began in the north of California on November 8. By the present moment, the number of disaster victims reached 83 people there. According to him, in the list missing 653 persons, only for the last day the location of 307 people who were earlier registered in this list was succeeded to establish.

At the moment in California, several major fires fits of rage. The wildfire of Camp in the north of California became the most destructive in the history of the state.

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