One man died and several were injured in the riots in Indianapolis

One man died and three others were injured during racially motivated protests in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Sunday night, local police chief Randal Taylor said at a press conference on CNN.

One policeman was injured in the clashes, he said.

Police advise citizens to avoid the area of the riots. An investigation has been launched.

According to Sunday morning, curfew regimes have been declared in at least 25 cities in 16 U.S. states due to the riots.

In particular, restrictions are imposed on the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills (California), Denver (Colorado), Miami (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Louisville (Kentucky), Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minnesota), Rochester (New York), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo (Ohio), Eugene, Portland (Oregon), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Charleston, Colombia (South Carolina), Nashville (Tennessee), Salt Lake City (Utah), Seattle (Washington), Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

The National Guard forces are deployed in 12 states.

The Pentagon has declared a readiness regime for a number of army units that can be used to restore order.

Thus, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent about 1.5 thousand troops to a number of cities in the state to prevent acts of vandalism during the protests, 200 people were arrested the day before in Houston, which blocked the highways and prevented traffic on the roads.

President Donald Trump said his administration would stop the riots.

The riots and protests began in the United States after 46-year-old African-American George Floyd was detained by police in Minneapolis May 25. One of the policemen pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee while apprehended. The African-American subsequently died in intensive care and a video of his detention was made available on the Internet.

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