Over 300 protesters were arrested in New York last night

Over the past 24 hours, about 300 people have been arrested in New York City. The situation was commented on live on NY1 TV channel by the Chief of the City Police Dermot Shea.

” Looters are being arrested, as well as those who disturb public order, attacking the police. The number of citizens arrested has decreased in the last three days. Last night there were about 300 of them,” New York City Police reports.

Commenting on the behavior of their officers, Dermot Shea said that most of them acted in a difficult situation in a coordinated and restrained manner. Cases of other behavior of law enforcement officers are being investigated. A few policemen may face dismissal,” added the NYPD chief.

Mass protests swept through US cities after the death of George Floyd. African-Americans have suffered from aggressive detention in Minneapolis. Four police officers were then dismissed, and charges were brought. U.S. National Guard forces were brought in to clean up the mess. In a number of cities, including New York, the authorities imposed curfews…

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