Peruvian mayor pretended to be dead to avoid being arrested

The mayor of the Peruvian city lay in a coffin and pretended to be dead to avoid being arrested for grossly violating quarantine regulations. Now, after this failed joke, his political career may be dead, Fox News states.

As observers note, Jamie Rolando Urbina Torres, mayor of Tantaré, posed as a dead victim of the coronavirus: he was lying in a coffin with a mask on his face to avoid arrest for violation of the rules of isolation when the police came to his house. The public prosecutor’s office accused the official of having made no effort to open emergency quarantine shelters and of having failed to order the city’s health department to test for COVID-19 and control the infected patients. Instead, Torres went on a picnic in the countryside, drinking with friends, and then decided to pretend to be dead by taking a fair amount of alcohol. His buddies, meanwhile, hid in the coffins that ended up in Torres’ house.

The mayor had previously been harshly criticized by his superiors and opponents for being away from work most of the time during the pandemic outbreak.

Eventually, according to The Evening Standard, Torres and his buddies were detained for violating curfews and social distance laws. At the time of the arrest, the mayor was in a strong state of intoxication, and the police initially did have the impression that the official had died of coronavirus. So the guards of the order were very surprised when the “corpse” suddenly began to snore.

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