Phuket Beaches reopen next week in Thailand

One of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, Phuket, reopens its beaches next week. The country’s authorities continue to relax the restrictive measures imposed to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Bangkok Post, the island will be closed to foreign tourists for now. Phuket Airport will be open for domestic flights on 15 June, but Thailand will remain closed for international flights.

The country has avoided a major outbreak of the pandemic, with a total of 3,104 cases reported in Thailand since January. However, Thailand’s tourism industry has been severely affected by the blockage and inability of foreign tourists to come. Therefore, experts predict that Thailand’s GDP may decline by six percent by 2020. The country’s authorities said that they maintain communication with hotels and intend to allocate an additional nine thousand rooms for quarantine service of Thai citizens returning from abroad.

All returnees would have to spend 14 days in strict quarantine and undergo two coronavirus tests. In addition to the standard government quarantine process, some high-end hotels now offer “luxury packages,” for those who will be in isolation, the Guardian reports.

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