Police chief was fired in the U.S., who supported the victims of shooting of Russian colleagues

The official reason for the firing was a public report on alleged “acquiescence to racism” by the county police.

The chief of the police department in Prince George’s County was forced to resign in the United States. He and his colleagues openly expressed their support for the Russian policeman who was injured in a shootout with a gangster on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow on June 15.

According to RT, his resignation came the day after U.S. police sent a letter of support to his Russian colleagues. But formally the dismissal is not related to this fact, according to local authorities.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published a 94-page report on “condoning racism” in police stations in the area. Thirteen county law enforcement officials are listed in the file. Why the report was presented the day after the police supported their Russian colleagues, and whether it could be related, is not commented on by the authorities.

Recall that on June 17, police officers from Prince George’s County expressed solidarity with their Russian colleagues, who suffered during the shootout on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, and reported that they were praying for their recovery.

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