Pompeo called Britain to unite against “Nord Stream-2”

Russia’s strong response to the use of chemical weapons in Salisbury has been sanctioned. Now Moscow is again encroaching on the independence of Europe-“Nord Stream-2” must be stopped.

The United States has already shown resilience and unity in politics towards Russia, said U.S. secretary of State Mike Pompeo during an official visit to the United Kingdom.
He recalled that after the chemical weapons attack in Salisbury, Washington, together with the Allies, resisted Moscow. Fiddler poisoning: “Solsberg tourists” from GRU will get a serious blow from the EU
We punished Russia with important sanctions. We wanted the world to know that the use of chemical weapons was unacceptable and that nations such as ours, which respected the rule of law, would not tolerate,
He said.
The U.S. Secretary of State added that the United States and Britain “are facing turbulence in domestic affairs.” At the same time, Pompeo stressed that “the present moment is not exactly when one can afford a shaky position, but rather vice versa”.
“We must be together to meet the challenges of our time. As Secretary of state, I now see a much more complex world landscape than the one our two countries were undergoing during the Cold War, the American politician added.
According to Pompeo, the relationship between Britain and the United States is especially important in “such difficult and dangerous times”. A separate danger is the encroachment on the energy independence of Europe by Russia.
Like the United States, Britain realizes that Russia wants to (translate – channel 24) Nord Stream 2 to use the energy sector as a means of exerting pressure on Europe. We should not let them do that. We must continue our close cooperation on this issue,
The state secretary said.

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