Pompeo opposes publicizing transcriptofion of Trump-Zelensky conversation

The head of the U.S. Foreign Ministry Mike Pompeo opposes making public the transcript of the phone conversation between the owner of the White House Donald Trump and the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, which took place in July this year.

Pompeo recalled that the Washington administration’s practice has very few examples of publicconversations of the first officials of the countries. Such conversations are private, so they can be published only in extremely unusual and critical situations, the head of the State Department believes. Today, there is no reason to believe that the negotiations between Trump and Zelensky fit this definition.

Meanwhile, the possibility of publishing a transcript of his conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart allows Trump himself. He is convinced that there were no flaws in the conversation on his part, and the conversation in general is ideal. The u.S. leadership’s defense team, Rudy Giuliani, also said that there was no double bottom in the negotiations between the U.S. leadership and green. In an interview with Fox TV channel, he assured that his visit to Kiev is not connected with the collection of compromising material on former US presidential candidate Joe Biden. Giuliani assured that he has a client in Ukraine, and his visit to this country was conditioned by the interests of the latter.

According to Trump, the excitement around his conversation with the Ukrainian president is caused by the desire of his political opponents to divert public attention from their own steps.

The Democrat-controlled media are fanning the scandal from the usual conversation between the leaders of the two countries. No resonant phrases were uttered during this conversation, the White House host assures.

Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal, the American leader was seeking the start of an investigation into Biden’s son. The latter does business with one of the gas companies in Ukraine. Insiders of the publication claim that Trump has strongly recommended that Giuliani be assisted about eight times. The American leader stressed that his country wants to know how justified the claims against Biden Jr. are. In Kiev, the fact of pressure on zelensky is denied. According to the country’s foreign minister Vadim Pristaiko, the conversation took place in friendly tones, and in its course covered a wide range of issues.

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