Pop Star Madonna on crutches comes to support ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally in London

Madonna appeared at ‘Black Lives Matter’ in London. The pop star was not prevented even by crutches, which she had to lean on because of an injury to her leg.

Pop Star Madonna, who regularly defends minority rights, came to the action in London in support of the black population of the United States. She was caught wearing black glasses in the company of bodyguards. Even her knee and hip injuries did not stop her: in March, the singer failed to fall from her chair during the performance and cried. Since then, Madonna has been leaning on crutches.

Protesters have tried to talk to the star and hug her. By the way, Madonna was without a mask because she had antibodies to the coronavirus, as she herself admitted to her fans.

Recall that street protests in the U.S., which began after the murder of African American George Floyd under the peaceful slogan “Black lives are important”, quickly grew into an uncontrolled riot with pogroms and robberies. Former officers who were involved in the arrest are now under investigation. The main suspect, Derek Chauvin, is facing up to 40 years in prison.

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