President George H.W. Bush has died

The former U.S. President George Bush Sr. died on the 95th year of life. To it, any leader of the United States did not live up to such age. As they say in the official statement of his family published on Twitter of the center of George Bush Jr., the late 41st president had “the strongest character” and was “the best father of whom the son or the daughter can dream”.
“All Bush’ family is very grateful for life and love of the 41st president, for the compassion of those who worried and prayed for the father, and for condolences of our friends and fellow citizens”, – it is said in the statement.
Bush held the U.S. presidency (Republican Party) in 1989-1993. He authorized the military operations of the USA in Panama, on the Philippines and in the Persian Gulf. In particular, at Bush Sr. the large-scale operation “Storm in the Desert” aimed at the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein was developed. It ended with a victory of the international coalition forces but turned back serious economic and environmental impacts for the region.
For the period of Bush Sr. presidency falling of the Berlin Wall, the resignation of the first president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and the collapse of the USSR was also necessary. Bush supported Gorbachev’s reforms, the USA delivered to the USSR humanitarian aid, including chicken ham, nicknamed in the people “Bush’s legs”.
In February 1992 Bush and the first President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin signed the joint declaration which officially put an end to Cold War. Besides, economists from the USA actively participated in the preparation and realization of reforms in the former Soviet Union.
In economy Bush’s presidency was accompanied by recession and a rise in unemployment, taxes were raised in an attempt to reduce the budget deficit which grew during Ronald Reagan’s government. Bush Sr. stayed on the president’s post only one term. In 1992 it lost elections to the Democrat Bill Clinton.
In recent years the former head of the state had Parkinson’s disease and was forced to move in a wheelchair. Despite respectable age and the state of health, Bush Sr. did not avoid charges of harassment: six women complained that the aged politician felt them behind during the photoshoots.
Bush apologized to them through the representatives who explained that the hand of the former president gets on “the lower part of a waist of people” during photography because he is chained to a wheelchair.
At the same time, the disease and years did not prevent extreme hobbies of the 41st U.S. President: in 2014 he celebrated the 90-anniversary parachute jump, having carried on the long-term tradition. It was the eighth and last jump of Bush Sr., and previous he made three in 75, 80 and 85 years.
Bush Sr. endured the spouse Barbara to whom he was married 73 years, for only several months: the former first lady died in April 2018 at the age of 92 years. At Bushey were six children (one daughter died of leukemia in three years), 17 grandsons and seven great-grandsons. The son of a couple George Bush Jr. became the 43rd U.S. President.
The acting American president Donald Trump and his spouse Melanija concerning Bush Sr. death noted it in the official statement “genuine authenticity, the disarming wit and unswerving devotion to belief, family and the country”. Thanks to these qualities the politician “inspired generations of Americans to go on civil service”, it is said in the statement.
The White House also noted Bush’s aspiration “always to take a level above”. “Sober judgment, common sense and the unperturbable management of the president Bush led our nation and the world to peaceful and victorious completion of Cold War”, – the couple Trampov noted.
The Politico meanwhile notes that the relations between the present owner of the White House and family Busha were far from friendly. In particular, Trump was not present at Barbara Bush’s funeral – according to messages, about it the family of the former first lady asked. This request, however, did not extend to Melanija Trump.
Besides, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. argued that were the last republican presidents, hinting that the politician Trump is far from that “compassionate conservatism” which the father and the son celebrated. Trump even before the election repeatedly spoke against the family of the 41st and 43rd U.S. Presidents, specifying that Busha should not appear in power anymore.
In September 2018 Trump said that Bush Jr. is responsible for the biggest mistake in the history of the United States – sending troops to the Middle East. According to the president, it cost 7 trillion dollars and turned back the loss of “millions of lives” on both sides.

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