Protesters in London fought with police near the prime minister’s residence

The protest in solidarity with American protesters against police brutality in London ended in clashes with local police. As reported by The Telegraph, the aggressive participants began to rush into the custody of various objects.

One officer of the capital’s police, squeezed by a crowd against a building on Downing Street, was punched in the face – this moment hit the frame of an AFP photo reporter. In addition, demonstrators attempted to climb over the fence of the Prime Minister’s residence.

At least two people were arrested on suspicion of attacking a member of the emergency services and inciting unrest near 10 Downing Street. They were sent to the station. In all, several hundred people took part in the London action under the motto “Black Lives Matter”. Sky News reports thousands of demonstrators. They blocked traffic near Hyde Park (“hostages” of the crowd were ten double-decker buses), climbed statues, phone booths, and even rooftops of cafes.

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