Protesters in Minneapolis burned down a police department

On the third night of the protests in Minneapolis, protesters set fire to a police department. People continue to take to the streets after a black local died in police custody.

According to Fox News, new riots erupted after unsuccessful attempts by police to disperse the crowd using tear gas and stun grenades. However, protesters managed to break into the station and police officers had to be evacuated from the roof by helicopter.

The burned police department is close to where George Floyd died on Monday, 25 May. The man was apprehended by the police, the moment was on video, which then spread through the social networks. The footage shows black Floyd lying in handcuffs on the asphalt. One of the policemen who detained him pressed him to the ground with his knee on his neck. Floyd says he can’t breathe a few times and then passes out. He was hospitalized and died in the hospital.

After that, protests broke out in Minneapolis. People took to the streets demanding that the police officers who used force in the arrest be punished. The protests escalated into street riots, and the National Guard was sent to Minnesota.

It has been noted that four police officers involved in the Floyd incident have been dismissed. However, the relatives of the deceased are demanding that a murder case be filed against them. The Office of the Public Prosecutor continues to collect evidence.

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