Protesters in Richmond destroyed the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Protesters in Richmond, Virginia, against police brutality and racism torn down a monument to the only President of the Confederation of the United States of America, Jefferson Davis, AP reports. It happened on Wednesday at about 23:00 local time. The police were watching it.

About 100 miles from Richmond, in the city of Portsmouth, protesters decapitated and then partially destroyed four statues of the Confederate monument. They were dissatisfied that the city authorities postponed the transfer of the composition from the square, where slaves had once been whipped, to another place, and around 8:20 p.m. local time on Wednesday, they took the job themselves.

As The Virginian Pilot writes, first people tried to take down the statues by tying them up with ropes, but the ropes burst. That’s when they started breaking them in pieces. One of the protesters separated the rifle from one of the figures with cutters, then they were beheaded one by one. A flag tied to one of the figures was set on fire. Then the statues started going down again. All this took place to the play of a brass band and dancing in the nearby alleys.

On falling one of the statues hit the protester, he suffered a head injury and lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital.

Last Tuesday, the monument to Christopher Columbus was dumped in Richmond, set on fire, and then thrown into the lake.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam last week ordered that the monument to Confederate Army General Robert Lee in Richmond be removed and moved to another location, but the court on June 8 prohibited officials from touching any monument within the next ten days.

Mass protests against racism, sometimes accompanied by riots, are taking place in the United States after African-American George Floyd was killed in detention in Minneapolis on May 25.

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