Putin’s rating has fallen extremely low – to the level of 2013

The rating of trust to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in September, 2018 was downgraded up to 58%, having returned to “dokrymsky” level.

According to poll, Vladimir Putin’s activity as President of Russia isn’t approved by 33% of the interviewed Russians (approve 67%, haven’t answered 1%). It is the highest anti-indicator since January, 2014. Besides, 41% of respondents are sure that today under the leadership of Putin “the country moves on an incorrect way”.

Thus, the rating of the president has returned to values of summer of 2011 till March, 2014 the rating of disapproval at Putin constantly was higher than 30%, having reached a maximum in 37% by the end of 2013. And after accession of the Crimean peninsula to the Russian Federation the number of the Russians approving affairs of the president Putin has naturally grown up – didn’t approve his activity on average only of 17% of respondents. Again I became raise anti-rating since May, 2018 when citizens of the Russian Federation have learned about the preparing pension reform.
As for the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, at him the rating of approval is traditionally low. For one and a half years, since spring of 2017, more than 50% of Russians don’t approve his activity on a post of the Russian Prime Minister. His disapproval has reached the maximum values in August, 2018 when 71% of respondents have said that they don’t like what is done by the prime minister. For September of 67% of respondents hold such opinion concerning Medvedev.

And the Russian army became institute which enjoys the greatest confidence of Russians. 66% consider that she “quite is credible”, 10% have answered that she “at all isn’t credible”, and 18% – that “not quite deserves”. Many respondents explained that they take pride when on a birthday of Putin the army launches missiles from the Caspian Sea to Syria and also shows to the world hi-tech weapon.

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