Remote-controlled scooters have come into the United States

Remote-controlled scooters in the U.S. themselves come to the call point and also leave for recharging after the end of the lease, according to the publication Verge. In Atlanta, Georgia, about 100 such scooters are already available for rent.

It looks more voluminous than conventional two-wheeled scooters because of the additional items attached to their control panel and two small wheels to the base. These are the first remote-controlled scooters to be commercially launched in the USA. With the help of the appropriate application, customers can request the scooter and in a few minutes a remote-controlled scooter ready to ride will appear on site. Once the rental is complete, the scooter will return to the base, where it will be disinfected and recharged.

It is interesting that the scooters will be controlled by a group of employees, who are located at a distance of more than two and a half thousand miles in Mexico City. These cameramen will watch the live broadcast from the scooter cameras, as well as track other data from the sensors of the scooters. The tenant company of the scooters believes that these smart scooters are the future of “general micro-mobility”.

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