Richard Grenell wants to step down as US ambassador before the presidential election

Richard Grenell is expected to hand over the post of US envoy to his deputy. But exactly when the controversial ambassador will leave is still open.

After his replacement as the US government’s secret service coordinator, Richard Grenell also wants to vacate his post as ambassador in Berlin. According to information from the German Press Agency, the 53-year-old will already resign within the next few weeks, well before the presidential election in the USA on November 3. His official duties will then probably be temporarily taken over by Robin Quinville, who has been envoy at the embassy since July 2018 and is thus Grenell’s deputy.

Grenell was unexpectedly called to Washington in February by US President Donald Trump to temporarily take over the post of intelligence coordinator. The reason for this was that Joseph Maguire, who had been acting coordinator until then, had fallen out of favour with Trump and resigned, so a quick interim solution had to be found. But now a new, permanent coordinator for the 17 secret services has been found: Congressman John Ratcliffe was confirmed by the Senate last Thursday and is now scheduled to be sworn in next Tuesday.

This brings to an end Grenell’s three-month term of office. The fact that he now also wants to give up his ambassadorial post is not entirely surprising. In February, Grenell had declared that he wanted to remain ambassador. Two weeks later, however, the US online magazine “The Daily Wire” reported that he had informed the White House of his intention to resign. At that time, however, neither the White House nor the embassy in Berlin had officially confirmed this.

Even now, the U.S. representation is still not saying anything about Grenell’s plans for the future. After Ratcliffe’s confirmation on Friday, it merely stated that the ambassador had also represented the government policy with regard to Germany during his time as an intelligence coordinator. “As we said when he was appointed to this post, we will continue to aggressively pursue key policy objectives as part of a unified government effort.”

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