Rudy Giuliani canceled his visit to Ukraine and meeting with Zelensky

Personal attorney of the U.S. president Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, who was to come to Ukraine to meet with the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky, changed his mind and canceled his visit.

In an interview with  Fox News, the lawyer said that the reason for the cancellation of the visit was the “grueling attacks”, which he underwent after announcing his trip.
He also suggested that in Ukraine he will be among the people who are the enemies of Trump, in some cases, and the enemies of the United States, and yet-“in the midst of a convicted person, who was recognized involved in helping the Democrats in the investigation of 2016.”

Based on the fact that I have heard from two very reliable people, I am convinced that the President  is surrounded by people who are enemies of President Trump, and people who, in at least one case, are clearly corrupt and involved in this scheme,Giuliani said.
However, the American MEDIA point out that Giuliani’s visit was canceled after the harsh accusations of the Democrats that he was allegedly seeking external support before the US president’s election in 2020.
The lawyer himself stressed that his decision is in no way related to the upcoming elections.

“They say I interfered in the election – it’s ridiculous,” Giuliani said.

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