Ruptly freelance reporter Nabil Hassan Al-Quaiti was killed in Yemen

A group of unidentified gunmen shot Ruptly freelance reporter Nabil Hassan Al-Quaiti in the Yemeni city of Aden. The murder occurred near the house where the journalist lived, according to the Russian service RT.

Ruptly video agency reported that Nabil Hassan Al-Quaiti “was a hard-working and loyal journalist who was unwavering in his coverage of the conflict in the region. “This terrible loss is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by all journalists around the world just trying to tell the truth and tell the horrors that millions of people are experiencing,” Ruptly’s website reported.

It is reported that Al-Quaiti was left with three children and a pregnant wife. The dead 34-year-old journalist cooperated with various news agencies, including the French AFP.

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