Russia believes that NATO is preparing for a large-scale conflict

NATO military exercises in the Baltic countries and Poland, as well as in the waters of the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, point to the alliance’s preparation for large-scale conflict. This was announced by General Staff Chief Valery Gerasimov, speaking to foreign military attaches.

nato in baltic countries
In the Baltic countries and Poland, the waters of the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, military activity is increasing, the intensity of military exercises of the block is increasing. Their scenarios show that NATO is purposefully preparing its troops for large-scale military conflict,” said Gerasimov, whose words are quoted by the Red Star.

At the same time, he noted, the bloc promotes the thesis of a “Russian military threat,” interpreting any Russian security actions or any planned transparent event in the field of military construction as a “threat to peace. “In the doctrinal documents of Brussels, Russia is assigned the status of the enemy”, – said the general.

Moreover, he added, at the last NATO summit in London it was announced the completion of the formation of forces and means of high readiness within the framework of the initiative “four to thirty”. It was also announced a significant increase in the speed of deployment of troops and reinforcements to the “eastern flank” of the alliance.

“In order to ensure dominance in space, the summit decided to recognize outer space as a separate area of combat operations on an equal footing with land, air, sea and cyberspace,” added the Chief of General Staff, recalling that the deployment of U.S. missile defense forces in Europe continues.

Gerasimov also reminded that since 2016 the member countries of the alliance have increased defense expenditures by $130 billion, and by 2024 it is planned to increase them by $400 billion. He stressed that the actions of the block increase tension and reduce the level of security on the line of contact between Russia and NATO.

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