Russians begin patrolling New York after the incident with the russian Pushkin restaurant in San Diego

Members of the Russian-speaking community will start patrolling a New York area to protect them from protesters.

The initiative’s author, Isaac Boltyansky, said that Russian-speaking people intend to protect Brooklyn from looters and prevent riots. Volunteers are searching for trained protesters’ hiding places with potentially dangerous items, such as stones or Molotov cocktails.

Boltiansky also said he believes the U.S. authorities’ treatment of the police is unfair. “We want this all to stop sooner. We want to unite our voices and ask that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio give the police the power and skills they need to demonstrate,” he added.

In a short time, the patrol organizers managed to attract more than 500 people. Other communities have also joined the initiative.

Earlier, Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Allison indicted the African-American policeman George Floyd, who later died of their actions.

Dozens of U.S. cities have been protesting for days against police brutality over the death of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis. He died as a result of a brutal arrest: a policeman used a strangulation technique against him. Protests across the country escalated into riots – at least 11 people died.

Earlier, Russians in San Diego protected their Pushkin restaurant from protesters. The owner of the restaurant Hayk Ghazaryan stated that he had to protect his business due to the riots in the city against the background of mass protests.

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