Scientists have named the ” favorite ” temperature of the coronavirus

Scientists of the Hong Kong University have named the temperature at which the coronavirus is particularly active. The results of the study are published on the medRxiv portal.

Scientists have named the favorite temperature of the coronavirus
According to researchers, the” favorite ” for the coronavirus was a temperature of about four degrees above zero. If you do not carry out disinfection, then in such conditions it will remain active for 14 days.

At the same time, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus cannot tolerate high temperatures — at 70 degrees, it is deactivated within five minutes.

In addition, Hong Kong scientists have found out on which surfaces the coronavirus can remain active the longest. It turned out that on paper it is deactivated after three hours, on clothing and processed wood it lasts up to two days, on glass — four days, on plastic — up to seven. Just as long — seven days — the coronavirus can remain on the surface of medical masks. In this regard, scientists have called for their thorough disinfection.

Earlier, the Chinese authorities announced the end of the coronavirus epidemic in the country. Mi Feng, an official representative of the state Committee for the health of China, said that as of March 28, the number of confirmed cases of infection throughout the country was less than three thousand. Thus, the spread of infection in China was stopped.

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