Senators of the USA prepared the bill to prevent Russian investigation in US elections

The bill provides a possibility of introduction of restrictive measures in different spheres

The group of the American senators from Republican and Democratic parties intends to submit for consideration of the Congress the bill containing threat of introduction of tough sanctions against Russia to prevent investigation in the American elections which allegedly can undertake the Russian Federation.
The bill provides a possibility of introduction of restrictive measures against bank, power and defensive sectors of economy of the Russian Federation and also concerning a sovereign Russian debt.
As it was reported, the acting as the permanent representative of the USA to the UN Johnathan Cohen said that the USA will keep sanctions against the Russian Federation until Kiev receives control over Donbass and the Crimea. He urged Russia to stop war against Ukraine.
It should be noted that Russia on the UN Security Council tried to accuse Ukraine of a situation on Donbass though Kiev was supported among other things by France and Germany. In turn in Ukraine commented on a performance of Russia in UNSC. The vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashenko noted that the international community already perfectly understands fault of Russia in aggression against Ukraine and does not perceive seriously justification of Moscow.

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