SpaceX plans to launch the tenth batch of Starlink Internet satellites at the end of June

SpaceX Company is going to launch into orbit on June 24, the tenth batch of 60 microsatellites to continue the deployment of a global network of Internet-coverage system Starlink, according to a specialized U.S. space site NASASpaceflight.

According to recent data, before the ninth launch of 60 satellites, Starlink is to be held on June 12 at noon Moscow time using a heavy carrier rocket Falcon 9 from the launch complex LC-40 at Cape Canaveral (Florida).

The last batch of satellites was launched on June 4. The current orbital constellation SpaceX already consists of 480 spacecraft. Its massive deployment began in May last year. At present, the company SpaceX is the largest satellite operator in the world. In case of a successful launch on June 12 and 24, the company will have 600 spacecraft in orbit.

In the future, the company SpaceX plans to deploy an orbital constellation of 12 thousand spacecraft of this type (and later of 30 thousand) to create a full-scale network, which will provide residents of the Earth with broadband Internet access in any part of the world. SpaceX reported that in 2020, the satellites would provide Internet coverage for the entire territory of North America, and by 2021 would cover almost the entire planet. The total investment for the project is estimated at $10 billion.

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