Suspect in the murder of three people in Reading was known to the British intelligence agency

A man suspected of attacking passers-by with a knife in the British town of Reading was caught by British intelligence last year, The Times reported, citing sources.

On Saturday night, 25-year-old Hairy Saadallah attacked people in a park in Reading. The attack killed three people and seriously injured three others. The suspect has been detained.

The Times’ interlocutors call Saadallah from Libya. According to them, the man was noticed last year by British counterintelligence MI5, which suspected him of intending to travel abroad with terrorist targets. However, the Security Service subsequently reviewed the materials on Saadallah and found them untrustworthy. The newspaper source notes that there were no further grounds for investigating Saadallah.

However, The Guardian and The Telegraph sources indicate that the suspect has mental problems that could have played a “significant role” in the incident.

On Sunday afternoon, the British police declared the Sabbath attack a terrorist attack, although the terrorist version was initially rejected and the attack was considered murder. The investigation was taken over by the counter-terrorism department.

As reported, on the evening of June 20, a man with a knife attacked passers-by in Reading Park. According to witnesses, the assailant “shouted something unintelligible”. Police do not link the attack with protests against racism and police violence Black Lives Matter.

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