Tehran has named the culprit for the Ukrainian Boeing crash in Iran

An Iranian rocket operator violated the rules of engagement and shot down a Ukrainian liner. This is Tehran’s official version of the reasons for the emergency. It was tweeted by former Iranian MP Mahmoud Sadeghi.

Sadeghi said that Iranian Defence Minister Amir Khatami responded to his official parliamentary inquiry about the reasons for the plane crash.
Sadeghi’s term in parliament ended the other day, but he finally managed to send an official inquiry to the minister and receive a reply.

According to Mahmoud Sadeghi, Khatami said in response to the request that the operator violated the rules and opened fire on a Ukrainian passenger plane without “obtaining permission” to shoot. The operator was also accused of failing to contact the command center and was guided by “vague information” received from the Ministry of Defence.
The deputy now wants to find out what led to the lack of coordination in the air defense actions.

We would like to remind you that in January of this year a Ukrainian plane with 176 passengers and crew members crashed in Iran. Later it turned out that the airliner was shot down by Iranian anti-aircraft gunners by mistake on takeoff.

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