Tesla Model Y prototype with dual motor badge – Video

The Tesla Model Y prototype with dual motor badge was captured in San Luis Obispo(CA), during a road test. The video of the electric car was published on the StevenMConroy YouTube channel.

The trunk door of the car has a Dual Motor Performance label, which indicates that the model has received a two-engine propulsion system. This allows the car to reach a speed of 97 km/h in 3.5 seconds.

The power reserve of the electric car is 450 km. Thus, its maximum speed is 241 km/h.

The model with dual motor badge will differ from the basic version of the car. The car manufacturers have tinted rear windows, installed tinted optics and equipped the doors of the model with black sliding door handles. As “shoes” the electric car has 19-inch Gemini aerodynamic disks. It should be noted that these rims are already available for the Model 3.

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