The action against police violence in Paris ended with a security operation

The Paris police tried to disperse the city’s residents with tear gas, who organized an unauthorized action against law enforcement violence.

Formally, the protest was dedicated to the memory of Adama Traore, who died two hours after being apprehended by the police in July 2016. The family of the young man claims that the cause of death was violence. However, at the moment, all mass events in France are banned, so the Prefecture of Police of Paris did not agree on the rally.

About 15 thousand people responded to the activists’ appeals. As a result, their march stumbled into police cordons and grew into riots. The law enforcers had to use special tools to disperse the crowd. In response, bottles and garbage flew in.

It should be noted that only on Tuesday they were allowed to open cafes and restaurants in France. Some of them were injured on the first day of work.

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