The Aftermath of Storm Ciara in the UK

In the UK, Storm Ciara has disrupted air and rail traffic, damaged infrastructure and flooded the streets of many cities. Wales was the hardest hit.

Aftermath of Storm Ciara in the UK
The storm reached the UK on Sunday, February 9.

Some flights at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been canceled and many are delayed.

Due to falling trees and broken power lines in some cities, there are power outages. There are about 13 thousand people left without light, according to the BBC.

Storm Ciara in the UK

Over 250 flood warnings have been issued across the UK: over 200 in England, over 60 in Scotland and 17 in Wales.

In London, the storm has shut down all eight royal parks, including Hyde Park.

Railway companies have asked passengers to cancel their trips unless they are absolutely necessary.

Storm Ciara in the UK and Wales

Meteorologists warned of a yellow hazard in Scotland and Northern Ireland: snow is expected to fall soon, which is predicted to exacerbate the situation.

All over the UK, sporting events have been canceled.

Storm Ciara UK and Wales

The strongest wind in Wales. Its gusts were as high as 149 km/h.

The ferry service is temporarily suspended in some directions.

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