The American missionary died from hands of wild natives

Inhabitants of one of the Andaman Islands in Bay of Bengal killed the American who presumably was a missionary and preached Christianity.

Fishermen who brought the American to the Northern Sentinelsky island, reported that local natives killed him with arrows from onions and left a body ashore. To take away it it is difficult as inhabitants of the island do not come into contact with the outside world and very aggressively treat attempts to get on the territory.

Formally Northern Sentinelsky island is operated by India, however the authorities of this country do not interfere with life of sentinelets and forbid contacts with islanders which have no immunity against infectious diseases, and visit of the island is a criminal offense.

In 2017 the Indian authorities decided that even photography and video filming of natives of the Andaman Islands can turn back a three-year prison term. Several fishermen were already arrested for illegal delivery of the American citizen to the island.

According to the journalist who watches events on the archipelago long ago, 27-year-old John Allen Cho from the State of Alabama visited the Northern Sentinelsky island of not less than four or five times by means of fishermen. Relatives of the missionary published a post in Instagram in which said that they forgive all involved in his death and ask to release the arrested fishermen.
By various estimates, the number of aboriginals of the island who live in full isolation from a civilization makes no more than 150 people. According to Stephen Corrie, the director of the London organization Survival International which is engaged in protection of natives of the Andaman Islands, extinction of inhabitants became result of the British colonial board. “Natives showed us more than once that they want that they were left alone, and their desire should be respected”, – he told.

After a devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean of 2004 the helicopter of the Indian Naval Forces flew over the Northern Sentinelsky island to check whether its inhabitants escaped. Natives then fired at the helicopter from onions.

Colonization does not cause warm feelings and in other people: at the beginning of a year when Australia noted one of the main national holidays – Day of Australia, the atmosphere in a number of the large cities was saddened by mass meetings of a protest against “white invasion” and the followed oppression by colonialists of local population. Participants of meetings called on January 26 Day of invasion and demanded to cancel or postpone it to other date.

On the eve of a holiday poured over a monument to the seafarer James Cook paint, and on a pedestal drew a flag of Australia with the inscription “We Remember Genocide”.

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