US court suspend Trump’s decree

The federal judge in San Francisco blocked implementation of the decree of the U.S. President Donald Trump ordering to refuse granting a shelter to the migrants who are illegally crossing border with Mexico reports to AP.

The judge John Tigar temporarily suspended the decree, having heard arguments of the lawyers representing the American union of protection of civil liberties and the Center of protection of constitutional rights which asked in the statement of claim to recognize this step of Trump violating human rights. As notes AP, the judge still should make the decision on the merits.

“We do not encourage those who get to the country, passing migration points, however according to the decision of the congress, even in that case they cannot refuse an opportunity to submit the application for granting a shelter”, – the agency cites words of the lawyer Li Gelernt.

On November 9 the White House reported that it intends to limit granting a shelter to illegal migrants. As soon as Trump’s order comes into force in full, the migrants driving through the southern border of the USA will have the right for a shelter only if report about it in official points of entry into the country.

It occurs against the background of mass arrival of migrants in the border Mexican town of Tijuana. The federal authorities expect that the number arriving to border of Mexico and the USA can soon increase up to 10 thousand people.

On November 18 in Tijuana the protest action against influx of migrants took place, requirements to check all criminal records which arrived to existence sounded. Earlier similar ideas were introduced also by the U.S. President Donald Trump. He told journalists that in crowd of migrants from a caravan they will see something awful: “You will find members of gang of MS-13 there, you will find visitors from the Middle East there, you will find there anything”.

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