The court ordered to Trump’s administration

The federal district court of Washington ordered the White House to restore temporarily the admission of the correspondent of CNN TV company Jim Acosta and to allow it to visit of actions, open for the press. The relevant resolution as TASS reports, judge Timothy Kelly considering this case accepted on Friday.

Thus, the court satisfied the petition of TV channel which tried to obtain restoration of temporary admission of Acosta to the White House for consideration of the more significant question of whether there was in general constitutional a decision of the press service of the U.S. President Donald Trump on deprivation of the correspondent of the constant admission. The TV company twisted that the White House violated the First Amendment to the Constitution of the USA guaranteeing freedom of speech when it developed this solution.

The press secretary of the White House Sara Sanders said that Presidential Administration will temporarily restore Jim Acosta’s admission to the White House, having executed, thus, the instruction of the court.

“We will also work further on rules and processes to provide in the future fair and organized press conferences”, – Sanders is noted in the statement.

Acosta thanked all the colleagues for support and said that it is time “to return to work”.

Last week CNN submitted a claim against the president Trump and a number of his employees in response to the suspension of activities of the press card of Jim Acosta for a pass to the White House. Claimants represented by TV channel and the journalist said that defendants thus violated their rights guaranteed by the first and fifth amendment to the Constitution of the USA.

The first amendment, in particular, guarantees freedom of the press in the USA. The fifth amendment allows citizens of the USA not to testify against itself.

Let’s remind, on November 7 at a press conference after intermediate elections in the USA, the journalist asked the U.S. President several questions in a row. In one of the questions, the journalist criticized the president’s position about the caravan of migrants which is moving ahead to the USA on what the president asked Acosta to allow it to run the country. Then Acosta tried to ask new questions, but Trump interrupted him and took away the microphone from the journalist.

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