The Crew of Crew Dragon spaceship will return to Earth in August

NASA announced the approximate date of return of the crew of the spaceship Crew Dragon to Earth, reports Space News.

According to the Acting NASA deputy administrator for manned programs Kenneth Bauersex, the spacecraft with astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken will return to Earth in August.

The exact date will depend on favorable weather conditions for the landing of the spacecraft. The Crew Dragon’s solar panels will also have an expiration date, which should not exceed four months.

NASA representative said that the ship is well functioning, so the crew can stay there for another month or two. During this time, Benken, along with another astronaut Chris Cassidy must go out into space several times to replace the old hydrogen-nickel batteries to more powerful.

Earlier it was reported that the astronauts will return to Earth a few weeks before the second manned flight of Crew Dragon to ISS, which is scheduled for August 30.

Recall that on May 30, the Falcon 9 launcher with Crew Dragon successfully launched from Cape Canaveral in the U.S… It was the first-ever manned flight performed by a private company – SpaceX Elona Musk.

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